May 5, 2015

it's been a while!

i know it's ben a while since my last post. Woopsy.
sbnernya sih, i've been busy with everything makes me happy!
*caelah lu ah

Yes, yes i'm married now, sama yang taun lalu ngajakin kok :))
Gila ya, gak pernah nyangka pernikahan kayak apaan tau, ternyata luar biasa banget. Masya Allah. Berasa dikasih double semua, ya happy-nya, ya bingung-nya, ya pokoknya semua-muanya. Alhamdulillah.

The thing is, gue sama si Kapten (since dia udah jadi Kapten gue, kita panggil dia si Kapten mulai dari sekarang) waktu abis nikahan dulu gak sempet honeymoon ceritanya. Singkat cerita, gue dapet rekues dari klien-klien biar gak honeymoon dulu, banyak brand plan pada saat itu dan gue merasa punya tanggung jawab untuk tetep involve. 

Illustrasi rekuesnya:
KL: "Nda jangan honeymoon dulu ya"
Nd: "Yah, kenapa? .."
KL: "Taun depan aja deh pas project udah pada jalan, kita rela deh lo cuti beberapa waktu"
Nd: .... OK -- *maklum nih anaknya gampangan

Eh, ini bukan berarti gue mementingkan pekerjaan gue over my marriage tanpa diskusi dan pedebatan panjang ya. Alhamdulillah si Kapten anaknya pengertian banget (we were working together before), jadilah impian honeymoon ini disimpan untuk kapan-kapan. Insya Allah ada rejeki dan juga waktunya yang tepat.

Itung-itung sambil nabung, biar honeymoon-nya agak seru. Amiin. Siapa tau gue bisa maen ke tempat yang emang bneran jauh dari rumah, cuma berdua aja. Ini ngebayanginnya aja gue udah excited, gimana jalaninnya nanti :))
*gampang terbawa imajinasi

Anyway, i'm happy to come back here and "nyampah" di blog lagi. 
Semoga gue bisa lebih rajin ngepost. Sebenernya niatnya ada aja kok, tapi deadline kerjaan menghalangi semuanya.

Jadi salah siapa?

April 5, 2014

when he asked me to ...


i just want to tell the world that my boyfriend asked me to marry him. Stop.

And my first reaction was : LAUGHING.


for me there was never a funnier moment than this one, why?

After 5 years together, all we did was fighting and having long arguing but non-stop dating :')

I have no answer but "Yes"

February 20, 2014

the moment i've been so brave


it's been a long time since i update my blog with all the crap haha!
Sekarang udah 2014, dan lagi-lagi sebenernya gue gak punya resolusi untuk 2014 ini, bukan karena gue gak punya goal yang berarti di taun baru ini. Tapi sejak gue mulai bikin resolusi di 2010, Alhamdulillah apa yang gue rencanakan dan usahakan mostly terkabul, dan bahkan gue dapet lebih dari yang gue minta. Jadi kayanya, i'll let it flow without asking much, cos i got much already.

Alhamdulillah. Allah baik banget sama gue :)
last year i've made some BIG-decisions in my life, gue bahkan gak percaya kalo gue bisa ambil keputusan-keputusan besar kaya gitu. Well, everything just happened so fast. 

I decide to wear a hijab. I was not forced by anyone, not even my family nor my boyfriend, or anyone else.
*pretty shocking, huh?
The idea of wearing hijab didn't happen overnight for me, it takes more than 2 years for me to convince myself about this (first idea happened in 2011) -- Jadi selama 2 taun itu semua terlupakan, walaupun kadang-kadang pop-up reminder di random time huhuuuu - payah sekali memang!!

*picture from*

A few months ago i was very nervous and scared also, i don't know how to start, do i have to wear it or not, what will people think about me or when is the right time wearing it. I also scared that i wasn't good enough to put it on, i didn't have enough knowledge, i didn't act the way i was meant to, and else and else. I have million questions and doubts sometimes back then, because i know when i start to wearing it, there is a commitment that must be taken seriously. So, I keep asking to myself, and praying about this just to calm and clear my mind :)

For me a BIG-decision like this requires careful consideration, it's like you're getting married, but more important, and more serious - HAHAHA - But seriously, everytime i think about wearing it, i get butterflies in my stomach
*gak berlebihan kok, suwer banget

I have so many friends who wear hijab, but i noticed that they acted and did the same things just like me, rasanya gak ada yang berbeda, only better, they didn't do all the bad things, which is good - HAHAHA

But, i realized that the basic of wearing hijab is obeying Allah, and i believe there's no wrong reason about this, why didn't i started it - i prayed and prayed every day and night just to get the answers, until i don't have much doubts to start wearing it :)

And now, Alhamdulillah after more than 5 months, there was never a moment i regretted wearing it. Insha Allah, istiqomah. Amiin.

April 5, 2013

my younger sister is getting married

My younger sister is getting married in less than 24 hours. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that she is happy.

But, in the other side, i can't imagine start from tomorrow she will not be sleeping beside me just like a million nights before.

All my life was about taking care of her, taught her everything i can as my Mum said i should do so. A year ago i realized that she's becoming a very-annoying-crazy-girl. Sigh.

She's the one i share all my stuffs and stories with. The only one person i don't mind with whatever she did, even the weirdest attitude and unforgivable words and acts. The only one girl i can't hate for wearing the same shirt and skirt. We were each other's cheerleaders and staunch supporters.

Now i know that everything we spent together was the things that makes her so loveable.

On the night where she was taking the most adult step, I was switching back and forth between knowing her as my crazy-sister who I want to be like, the bride-wannabe and also, a little girl who always slept beside me.

Now i know, she’s not a little girl anymore, and she can't be it forever. She’s getting married and I couldn’t be happier for her.

I'm a very-proud sister :)

April 2, 2013

things you should love about yourself

One night, i just read one articles from Marc and Angel - one articles that makes me thinking, deep and deeper about my self. I can't keep the articles by myself, so i re-share to you guys here on my blog.


This moment will be part of your story someday. It’s not right or wrong. It’s not perfect. It just is – a blank canvas – a completely unrestricted space that you can use as you please.  To laugh.  To get rambunctious.  To muse.  To create.  To express your freedom to be as you are.

You have to live each moment consciously in your own way, design your own truth, and then share it with others.  It’s a process of growth you gradually realize as an individual.  You can’t acquire it from others; you can only share it once you’ve created it.  You have to break out of your shell and do things.  Do what moves you.  Be who you are.  Explore life’s mysteries until you figure out what matters most to you.

If you sit around for too long, blaming others for the things they did or didn’t do, or knew or didn’t know, you’ll remain sitting in one spot until you pass.  Placing blame is easy, because it means you don’t have to do anything; you just have to sit around for your entire life.  But that’s not living; that’s dying.  To accept where you are without blame by seizing the present for what it is – for the opportunities it’s giving you every instant – that’s what injects life into your story and ultimately moves you forward.

With all of this in mind, here are six things you should love about your life:
1.  Time spent on personal growth and goals.
The wisest and happiest are those who are respectful of their time, annoyed at the needless loss of it, and use it dutifully to grow as they age.  Sadly, too many of us age much faster than we grow.  We spend so much of our lives going through the external motions of what society tells us ‘maturity’ is – getting married, buying houses, working our way up the corporate latter, etc. – that we fail to concentrate on our own inner growth and goals.  We never allocate enough time just for us.

Part of the problem is that we’re always waiting for some condition to resolve itself at some point in the future.  We believe that the right time to take the next step is somehow going to magically happen tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, etc.  But one day we wake up and realize we’re no closer than we were long ago.  We find ourselves asking, “How did it get so late, and why haven’t Imoved?”  In other words, we’ve aged, but we never grew to our potential.  We never fulfilled ourselves.
Let this be your wake-up call.  This is life.  Right now.  Indulge in it.  Make it count.  Because it’s happening.  

2.  Living your truth every day.
The world can easily be a tragedy if all you do is feel without ever acting.  To feel something and believe in it, and not to live it, is lying to yourself.  If you do this for too long you will never do more than exist meekly from one robotic motion to the next.  You will live a lie every day as the truth haunts your thoughts every night.  You simply can’t get away from your truth by moving dishonestly from one place to the next.

If any of this hits too close to home, take a stand right now.  Stop sipping the denial cocktail and take a shot of the delightful truth.  Wherever your heart is, there you will find the reality that brings YOU to life. The time to act on your truth is now.

3.  The joy and freedom of an open mind.
Your perspective on things is important; it enables you to make sense of the life you lead.  Always keep in mind, though, that different people have different perspectives, and yours isn’t the only one that makes sense.  There are few black and white facts in this world.  Most facts are simply interpretations.  You begin to learn wisely when you’re willing to see life from other people’s perspectives too.

Even as you grow wiser and wiser with age you must remind yourself that an understanding is never absolutely final.  What’s currently right could easily be wrong later.  Thus, the most destructive illusion is a settled point of view.  Since life is continuous growth and movement, choosing a fixed point of view is essentially a declaration of death.
Success in life does not depend on always being or proving that you’re right.  To make real progress you must let go of the assumption that you already have all the answers.  You can listen to others, learn from them, and successfully work with them even though you may not agree with every opinion they have.  When people respectfully agree to disagree, everyone benefits from the diversity of perspective.  

4.  Relationships that improve you.
It’s not about finding someone to lose yourself in, it’s about meeting someone to find yourself in.  When you connect with someone special – a friend or lover – this person helps you find the best in yourself.  In this way, neither of you actually meet the best in the each other; you both grow into your best selves by spending time together and nurturing each other’s growth.
When you honestly ask yourself who these special people are in your life, you will often find that it’s those who, instead of giving you things or taking things from you (advice, answers, material possessions, etc.), have chosen rather to share in your joy and pain, and experience life along with you through good times and bad.

5.  The story you tell yourself every day.
Forget what everyone else thinks of you; chances are, they aren’t thinking about you anyway.  If you feel like they always are, understand that this perception of them watching you and critiquing your every move is a complete figment of your imagination.  It’s your own inner fears and insecurities that are creating this illusion.  It’s you judging yourself that’s the problem.

You judge yourself by telling yourself a story inside of your head.  Every moment of every day you’re telling yourself this story.  You are building your future around this story, so tell it right.  Create a positive narrative about your dreams and goals that include only the circumstances that matter.  What you think others are thinking about you is not part of this narrative, and neither are your negative self-judgments.  

6.  The positive spin of life’s surprises.
You are never at the total mercy of life’s surprises.  No matter what life throws at you, you can decide what these events mean to you in the short term, the long term, and how you will integrate them into your life.  Everything that happens is subject to your interpretation of it.  Thus, far more important than what happens, is what you choose to do with what happens, and your options are abundant.


Sweet, isn't it!? 
Ready to love yourself? i do :)

October 8, 2012

XMGravityHK - Day #2

Hari kedua, kita maen ke Disneyland!!
Kedengerannya sih ya kaya seru ya hahaha, tapi nyatanya emang seru kok, walaupun gak banyak yang bisa dinikmati selain wahana sama area-nya, mostly wahananya emang buat anak-anak banget sih, gak kaya di Universal Studio hihhhihhii.

Btw, kita pake seragam kali ini, biar gak ilang kaya anak bocah - maklum disana gak banyak yang bisa ditanya pake bahasa enggres :p

*Its Ninda and Dinda!*
Tapi tetep seru, yang gak seru cuma makannya, emang selama disana gue susah makan juga, gada yang doyan, makan beef gak bisa, makan pork gak boleh, makan seafood takut gak halal, makan cemilan juga gak ada yang asin - now i know Hongkong is where the food were unsalted :))
*kemana-mana bawa garem sama kecap asin

Btw, if you'd like to see the complete video of our trip, click HERE :)

October 6, 2012

XMGravityHK - Day #1

Jadi ceritanya, gue sama anak-anak sekantor dikasih liburan hratis ke Hongkong, it was mid-autumn when we got there. Kita bakal spent 4 - 5 hari di Hongkong, dan itu berarti gue gak akan bisa makan enak setibanya disana ahahahhaa :))
Jadilah gue berbekal pop-mie dari Jakarta, demi kesejahteraan hidup gue nantinya :)
Ini dia hasil packing 5 jam sebelum take-off.

Basically, semua barang gue list satu-satu mulai dari piyama, coat, 2 pasang kaos kaki (since gue gak bisa tidur tanpa itu), kaos tangan, hair-dryer, sampe instax hihhihhii -- FIX! semua udah masuk ke koper :p
** seragamnya gak boleh ketinggalan hihhiii 

Perjalanannya sekitar 5-6 jam direct dari Soekarno-Hatta airport sampe ke Hongkong International Airport. Yaaa berhubung gue mah gak bisa menikmati perjalanan udara, jadi semua gak berasa. Pasalnya setiap gue terbang kemana-pun, begitu take-off gue pasti tidur dan bangun begitu landing, hahahahaa pedih banget.
**emang dasar pelor aja anaknya

Sampe disana, tujuan pertama kita adalah Ngong Ping Village, this is one of the most wanted place i want to visit, umm sempet nonton Running Man beberapa waktu lalu, dan langung jatuh cinta sama tempat ini, cuma untuk naik crystal Cable-Car sampe Wisdom Path diujungnya.
**berani gak berani nih...
Masalah-nya dari stasiun cable-Car awal ke tempat Big Budha itu takes about 30 minutes on the Cable Car, with the sea and mountain view. kebayang ada diatas laut dan gunung selama 30 menit cuma bermodalkan crystal box dan kabel panjang, macem nyawa gue tiba-tiba drastis berkurang 10 taun :|
Naik cable -car ini cuma 30 menit untuk mencapai BIG-Buddha di puncak pegunungannya. Ini salah satu list gue di Hongkong sih, sebelum ke Wisdom Path-nya. Sayang, pergi ke Wisdom Path-nya gak masuk di rundown tour huhuuu, padahal katanya cuma 5 menit melalui tea-garden untuk mencapai Wisdom Path dari Big-Buddha.  
Seperti biasa, kalo jalan-jalan, pasti kakinya pengkor setengah mati. Malemnya cuma cari kado buat si pacar yang mau ulang taun hihihiiii - udah tau banget sih mau beli apa, cuma aja menjelajah Mongkok dengan kondisi kaki yang seperempat tenaga-nya aja, jalanpun macem burung unta, itu yang bikin jadi pe-er. HAHAHAHA :))

Tapi puas banget memanjakan mata dan napsu tentunya sama barang-barang bagus dan murah, hahaha. Jadilah rela banget jalan burung sampe tengah malem cuma untuk belanja printilan-printilan yang gak penting :p
**gak tahan sama barang-barang gak penting
Liat deh betapa rame-nya Mongkok. 
Macem di film-film gitu, lampu tengah malemnya bikin ngerasa siang, jadi mau muter-muter berapa lama-pun gak berasa, tiba-tiba udah tengah malem aja :p

June 4, 2012


Liburan kali ini gue bolos bareng-bareng temen-temen gue untuk pergi ke Bali dan nyebrang ke Gili, umm sebenernya pergi ini gak direncanain, mendadak lagi liat-liat tiket murah impulsif langsung booking untuk 9 orang, lagi-lagi tanpa mikirin masih punya sisa cuti gak ya hahahahaa. Inilah moment dimana semua gak peduli sama jatah cuti, dan terlalu bernafsu untuk berlibur.
*bodo amat yang penting kabur

Tim berlibur gue kali ini beda banget sama yang lalu, kali ini gue pergi sama temen-temen kantornya sepupu gue, Dali. Tapi tidak lupa untuk menjebak adik-adik gue, Achi dan Hardyan :))
*dan tidak memikirkan biaya tanggungannya
*trauma liburan Singapore :|
Liburan ini terasa lebih singkat, apa mungkin karena liburannya keramean? ato gak? ato kebanyakan tempat yang dikunjungi? ato gak? ato karena tetep dikejar deadline. Gak akan pernah ada waktu yang pas untuk berlibur memang. Hahahaa :))
*sukurin lo, nda
Btw, sbnernya gue sangat merasa seperti raja di liburan ini, gak ngurusin tiket, gak ngurusin hotel, gak ngurusin ini dan itu, since biasanya gue yang rempong untuk cari ini dan itu, kali ini dikasih sedikit kebebasan, padahal gak minta, dan seperti biasa, gak tenang kalo gak ikut ngurusin :)) -- jiwa emak-emak gue emang gak bisa lepas. Maaf. Mulai dari cari tempat nginep yang harus ada kulkasnya (ini penting buat gue) - cari kapal nyebrang ke Gili, ini dan itu deh pokoknya. Gelisah gue dibuat gak tau apa-apa gitu.

Let's review!  

1st stop : Bali
Di Bali ini kita gak ngapa-ngapain but EAT!! hahaha cuma bener-bener istirahat kumpulin tenaga untuk nyebrang besok pagi-pagi ke Gili.

Di Bali ini kita ngebet dapetin sunset di tempat yang oke, akhirnya dapet juga di Potato Head, biarpun rame-nya lebih mirip kantor imigrasi :))

Disini juga-lah gue kembali berbua dosa setelah puasa selama 2 minggu : MAKAN NASI - nasi pedes Ibu Andhika, makjaaang mata gue mau loncat keluar makannya, sambil nangis, pedes bner. Antara nyesel gak nyesel makan masi lagi setelah 2 minggu. Ampuni saya. 

Oya, Bali mendung pagi harinya, so i captured the beautiful sky :') - Lovely!

2stop : Gili
Di Gili, kegiatan kami lebih beragam, contohnya adalah dari naek sepeda, snorkling, sampe pesta seafood. Semua enak. HAHAHAHAHAAA - kebayang gimana jadinya kalo gue tingal permanen disini? Yak. Hentikan. Tak perlu dibayangkan. Terima Kasih.

Tapi disini semuanya indah, wajar kalo gue dan temen-temen gue berniat untuk tinggal lebih lama hihhhhi. Tapi mengingat gue adalah cewe manja yang menyebalkan,kalo setiap hari harus naik sepeda, OH MY GOD!! 2 hari naik sepeda di Gili aja pantat gue abis-abisan sakit-nya :))

But, Gili was one beautiful island i've ever visit. The Sky. The View. The Underwater-world. The Food. The People. Everything! - were beautiful :")

Oya, gue sama temen-temen gue nginep di Lumbung Cottage waktu di Gili, basically sih tempatnya enak, tapi after 9pm gak ada air. NAHLOH!! Itu sih yang lumayan bikin repot, since anak-anak pulang bersenang-senang-nya malem dan mau cuci-cuci, sampe dikamar, KRISIS AIR!! Sukseslah ngambil air kolam renang :))
*kalo air kolam renang gak ada juga, curiga lari ke pantai, belok ke hutan 

3rd stop: Bali
Semua kembali ke Bali di hari ke 3, ini tanpa rencana mau nginep dimana, jadi begitu sampe Bali, luntang-lantung nyari hotel, dan akhirnya nginep di Dewi Sri Hotel di daerah Kuta. 

Ooh, one more, we're documenting our Bali - Gili trip on a video, you can see the trailer here and the full version here --- And you can see all the pictures from this holiday on my Instagram, @edwinatrianinda :")

May 13, 2012

Morrissey Live in Jakarta!!

May 10th, 2012

I got the tickets on the first day pre-sale, i bought 4 just for me and some friends.
After long time! Glad having you in town, Uncle :) - in front of US!!
Oya, the 2nd picture i grab it from here, since i was standing in the middle of the crowd, i couldn't get the great-angle of him, hihhiii ;)

March 1, 2012


After the St Jerome Laneway Festival concert's roadshow in Perth, Auckland, Melbourne, and yada yadaa yadaaa all around Australia and ended up in Singapore, last february i decided to came to see one of their concert's chain. Well finally, i came to Singapore just to see Feist and M83 concert on Laneway Festival on 12th February 2012.
Actually it was a trap from my cousin, Dali. He says he's going to come and then i agreed to go with him, and TADAAAAA!! he canceled everything when i already bought everything including tickets and flight, HAHAHAHA :))

So i'm going with my best-friends, Nanda and also office-mates to enjoy the concert.
Actually it was really good, super good tho. 

Honestly, this was my very 1st time seeing a concert out of country :D
But that was trully worth it, from the list, the rtist i wanted to see are only 3 or 4 of them, including Feist, M83, Toro Y Moi, and also The Drums. And thank GOD, i watched them all, nyahahaha there :))
You can see the complete line up here

I never thot that Fort Canning Park could be feels so small, i believe that almost all my friends were going to Laneway Festival. Feels like back to Paramadina actually, and met the seniors and juniors there. i can't believe it. 

But Laneway Festival was a superb-getaway :)
Thanks for trapping me to go to the concert, cous. 
It was one sweet mistakes you ever did.