March 1, 2012


After the St Jerome Laneway Festival concert's roadshow in Perth, Auckland, Melbourne, and yada yadaa yadaaa all around Australia and ended up in Singapore, last february i decided to came to see one of their concert's chain. Well finally, i came to Singapore just to see Feist and M83 concert on Laneway Festival on 12th February 2012.
Actually it was a trap from my cousin, Dali. He says he's going to come and then i agreed to go with him, and TADAAAAA!! he canceled everything when i already bought everything including tickets and flight, HAHAHAHA :))

So i'm going with my best-friends, Nanda and also office-mates to enjoy the concert.
Actually it was really good, super good tho. 

Honestly, this was my very 1st time seeing a concert out of country :D
But that was trully worth it, from the list, the rtist i wanted to see are only 3 or 4 of them, including Feist, M83, Toro Y Moi, and also The Drums. And thank GOD, i watched them all, nyahahaha there :))
You can see the complete line up here

I never thot that Fort Canning Park could be feels so small, i believe that almost all my friends were going to Laneway Festival. Feels like back to Paramadina actually, and met the seniors and juniors there. i can't believe it. 

But Laneway Festival was a superb-getaway :)
Thanks for trapping me to go to the concert, cous. 
It was one sweet mistakes you ever did.