July 24, 2011


do you remember the girl, mister?

Yes, she's the girl in the corner who loves to talk and laugh, who hates your old-sandal, who smell your morning coffee from the far, the girl that you met accidentally in pantry every-morning, the girl that you gave your best smile on your messanger window. The subborn one that you have to face for the last 15 months


Now, she still can picturing those moments clearly. She still remember the first time you had conversation with her on the phone, talked about every unimportant things that happened that day. How can she forget.

It was around 2 years ago when you met her, so weepy and fragile, she was at her lowest level. She wish she was more than that, she wish she was happier, so she could welcome you with her bestest smile :)

For her, you're sucha lazy-boy, careless, sleep-lover, mood-booster, smile maker, irritating-boyfie and perfectly annoying. Don't you realized that you don't have to be perfect to be exactly what she needs

You're everthing but hers :|

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