February 5, 2011


Last Year

i wrote something about i feels like twenty fourever. yes i wish i could be forever twenty-four. But this year in 2011, i can't force the time to keep me young forever, like it or not i will reached 25 and more and more and more.

Yeah, i know

I will never know if in another year i would write again about me who's getting older, everyone also. Today i was looking back at my past, re-open my wounds, and all the beautiful memories i've been thru, all the things i've done, and all the stories i had written and bla blaa blaaa

sounds stupid, no!?

I don't know, it just like i will never tried to block out my memories and burned down the life-book, because i know that everything i live thru, helps me to be the person i am now :) - Now, i reached 25 and i'm happy with all my stories, my rollercoaster relationship with others. I do happy with my life-stories, but i wanna live and write another great stories.

So, i will live it and i wont ask to be 25 forever. I promise. Happy birthday to myself!!