January 25, 2011



i think i'm not the only one to say that life is tough, especially now!! i'm 24 now, and everytime i called it twentyfour-ever, i wish i was 15 forever. I know being a teenager is also hard, but being 24, single, and married with your job is way too hard.

i have been having some trouble sleeping and eating.
I noticed that i don't sleep and eat recently, wide awake every nights and tired everyday. I trully feels like a vampire.
Maybe you're probably thinking i'm a freaking emotional wreck.

But i'm trying to live like that. So, there are a few things on my to-do-list everyday i can not change:
1. get up (from my bed)
2. go to office zombified
3. survive all day
4. go back to bed and try to sleep!

u wont believe what kinda days i've been thru!! SERIOUSLY!! it was killing!!

But, i know that life is short, that's the reason i'm trying to forgive like i have an amnesia, believe in something like a little girl, laugh uncontrollably like an idiot, play like a kid, love like i never get hurts and never regret anything that made me smile :)

so, i sud stop counting the sheeps!! and start with pandas!!


andy said...

Trouble eating? good. This could help you solve your problems.

First, do not eat anything. Starve. Why?

You won't fall asleep if you are hungry enough (this one is human's survival trait). This means that you don't have to try and stay awake during office hours, your stomach won't allow you to sleep anyway.

Use this to control your sleeping schedule. Eg. eat a meal only if you want to sleep right after. (this too is natural trait. Sleepiness + satisfied stomach = instant trip to pillow land)

Once of this cycle should be enough to repair your cycle. You could try to repeat it until you achieved a sleeping schedule you want (or after you messed it up again). But be sure to drink lots of water and keep a good eye on your overall wellness, forcing this is dangerously bad for both your health and body (the sleep after meal stuff) but I think you know this already.

Good luck.

edwinatrianinda said...

but it's like i'm losing my appetite.

hmm here's some sample, i was buying one chocolate bread (Sari Roti, what else) in the morning, and i realized i didn't finish the bread untill 11 at night, and i haven't eat anything that day *__*

But i'm not starving at all.

Btw seems like u visit me often, glad having u here frequently :)