January 22, 2011


Dear La Dormette de Poitou,

i know you can't help me to solve my eating-disorder problems, but i'm suffering double for the last 2 months. i'm losing my appetite, thus i didn't get a deep sleep at all.
I'm tired all day and wide awake all night.

Since you're the only sleep fairy that i know, i'm kinda dissapointed, i thought your job is to make sure that everyone is having a pleasant dreams, but why can't i start mine? Don't you think you missed one girl on your list that you have to check whether she got a deep sleep or not?

If you find my sleep chart, you'll understand
tell your fairies-friends on Ardennes Hills, i say "Hi"

xoxo - sleepless.ninda


andy said...

try drinking coffee in the morning and/or exercising in the evening?

saiya said...

try to drink a glass of hot milk before sleep, ninda :)

edwinatrianinda said...

@andy: i don't do coffee actually, i'm a tea person :p