July 24, 2011


do you remember the girl, mister?

Yes, she's the girl in the corner who loves to talk and laugh, who hates your old-sandal, who smell your morning coffee from the far, the girl that you met accidentally in pantry every-morning, the girl that you gave your best smile on your messanger window. The subborn one that you have to face for the last 15 months


Now, she still can picturing those moments clearly. She still remember the first time you had conversation with her on the phone, talked about every unimportant things that happened that day. How can she forget.

It was around 2 years ago when you met her, so weepy and fragile, she was at her lowest level. She wish she was more than that, she wish she was happier, so she could welcome you with her bestest smile :)

For her, you're sucha lazy-boy, careless, sleep-lover, mood-booster, smile maker, irritating-boyfie and perfectly annoying. Don't you realized that you don't have to be perfect to be exactly what she needs

You're everthing but hers :|

July 8, 2011


June 21, 2011


Taukkk!!! i love to watch any kind of performance, for me seeing people in stage doing something unusual is like WOW!! i could give my nonstop applause for them.
*hahahaha kelebayan sih nih, capek dong makkkkk
Beberapa waktu lalu gue ke Singapore bareng adek-adek gue, dari Jakarta ngebet banget nonton show-nya Lion King, abis katanya bagus bangeeeet. Gue jadi ngebet, tapi pas nyampe sana ternyata tiketnya mahal ternyata dan harus reserve T__T

That was not my first time arrived in Singapore, actually, tapi kali ini cukup pause rasanya nyempetin maen ke Universal Studio dan maen-maen di Sentosa hihhihhiiOya sebelum berangkat gue sempet cari-cari event gitu yang bakal perform dimana kek gitu, Esplanade ato Marina, banyak sih sbenernya, tapi hasrat terbesar gue emang nonton Lion King show, tapi ada daya. Huhhuu

Jadi inget, taun lalu ada sirkus yang perform di Jakarta, namanya Balagan tapi gak sempet nonton juga, temen-temen gue udah kompor banget gara-gara gue gak sempet nonton, hikhuks. Sebenernya sering ada juga di Jakarta, tapi gak gitu bagus, cuma sulap-sulap gitu. I kinda hate magic, to be honest huhhuu :p - I prefer acrobatic circus, with the genius-animals hehhe :)Lebih lagi gara-gara nonton Water for Elephant kemaren huehue, gemes sama gajahnyaaaa, namanya Rossie hehhe :p
*gausa ledekin gajah gemes gajah deeeehh *gigit

Oyaaaa!! Tanggal 14 - 18 Juli nanti ada Taganai Cirque of the World di Tennis Indoor Senayan, mereka ini sirkus traditional Rusia, mostly isinya dance, dan circus acrobatic gituuu, from flying trapeze, to Limbo, etc. They're combine original songs with broadway style circus show. I'm soooooo not gonna missed this one!!!
Oya, for futher information you can check Indika Pro's website or follow them on Twitter @indikapro - just don't missed this one!!

See you there :")

April 3, 2011


Dear Earl-Grey

Today, i'm about to meet you in the cafe.
Yes just you and me, i need a friend to makes me feel comfy.
i will enjoying you alone and away from the crowd.
I always love when i have a me-time like this, seeing a families, madly-in-love couples, teenagers. Hear their laughter, feel their freedom, without anything in mind.

Nothing in this world could be more romantic than this :)

xoxo - ninda

March 15, 2011


Don't you know that a cat is a lion of small bushes, we are!!

Some people think we're a total moron
but most people think we're very good at what everything we do.


February 5, 2011


Last Year

i wrote something about i feels like twenty fourever. yes i wish i could be forever twenty-four. But this year in 2011, i can't force the time to keep me young forever, like it or not i will reached 25 and more and more and more.

Yeah, i know

I will never know if in another year i would write again about me who's getting older, everyone also. Today i was looking back at my past, re-open my wounds, and all the beautiful memories i've been thru, all the things i've done, and all the stories i had written and bla blaa blaaa

sounds stupid, no!?

I don't know, it just like i will never tried to block out my memories and burned down the life-book, because i know that everything i live thru, helps me to be the person i am now :) - Now, i reached 25 and i'm happy with all my stories, my rollercoaster relationship with others. I do happy with my life-stories, but i wanna live and write another great stories.

So, i will live it and i wont ask to be 25 forever. I promise. Happy birthday to myself!!

January 25, 2011



i think i'm not the only one to say that life is tough, especially now!! i'm 24 now, and everytime i called it twentyfour-ever, i wish i was 15 forever. I know being a teenager is also hard, but being 24, single, and married with your job is way too hard.

i have been having some trouble sleeping and eating.
I noticed that i don't sleep and eat recently, wide awake every nights and tired everyday. I trully feels like a vampire.
Maybe you're probably thinking i'm a freaking emotional wreck.

But i'm trying to live like that. So, there are a few things on my to-do-list everyday i can not change:
1. get up (from my bed)
2. go to office zombified
3. survive all day
4. go back to bed and try to sleep!

u wont believe what kinda days i've been thru!! SERIOUSLY!! it was killing!!

But, i know that life is short, that's the reason i'm trying to forgive like i have an amnesia, believe in something like a little girl, laugh uncontrollably like an idiot, play like a kid, love like i never get hurts and never regret anything that made me smile :)

so, i sud stop counting the sheeps!! and start with pandas!!

January 22, 2011


Dear La Dormette de Poitou,

i know you can't help me to solve my eating-disorder problems, but i'm suffering double for the last 2 months. i'm losing my appetite, thus i didn't get a deep sleep at all.
I'm tired all day and wide awake all night.

Since you're the only sleep fairy that i know, i'm kinda dissapointed, i thought your job is to make sure that everyone is having a pleasant dreams, but why can't i start mine? Don't you think you missed one girl on your list that you have to check whether she got a deep sleep or not?

If you find my sleep chart, you'll understand
tell your fairies-friends on Ardennes Hills, i say "Hi"

xoxo - sleepless.ninda

January 2, 2011


*close to my heart*

January 1, 2011


In early 2010 i've written down all my resolutions for 2010, but i think i've got more than everything in the list. So, forget the list, let's review 2010:
2010 Closed the beautiful memories book about Fudgywudgy, and it works. Thanks to all the people i loved. Ur presence are my strength :)

2010 First trip out of country with besties and got an incredible experience in Phuket. It always been an unforgetable trip.
2010 Touched the sand of Phi Phi Island :)

2010 Bounced from one airport to another in 3 days
2010 Malaysia + Singapore trip filled with a zillion steps with besties.
2010 Met another Libra, i still don't know it's a blessed or ... what!! hahha :))
2010 Did a secret-Singapore-trip with a secret sweetheart
2010 Leave my 2nd home, and realized when ure leaving for a new life there's always a way.

2010 Got a new job. Alhamdulillah :)
2010 Joined Magnivate and had a new crazy-family. Where i can show my weirdest habits, my worst laugh and my best tears!!
2010 I feels like i was being a nonstop complainer in 2010 - *sigh
2010 Learned to say "NO", and now i realized that i've said it way too much *_*
2010 Fall devastatingly, helplessly. But then
i found myself having a new strength about love, life, and family
2010 Hmm still wishing i can get my ideal weight, hahha!! in 2009 i was losing 16 pounds, but 2010 was only 10 pounds, so it becomes my every year resolution

And my 2011 should be much more better than this year!!
2011 Finish my study!! ooh my dear God, this is the most important thing i've been chasing for in 2010, and i gotta work it on soonest possible
2011 Got a new position, a better one!! Insya allah
2011 Having a REAL-silvery year!!
2011 Planning my life more organized, about love, carrier, everything :)
Having a new book-of-life, full of colorful pages and stories!!
2011 Planning a marriage!! AMIEN!!
2011 Having my own things!!
2011 Reduce another 30 pounds, its a must!! i gotta work it on *_*
2011 Join a fitness center, i was being sucha lazybump and it makes me get sick easily. So, i think i need some work out to keep my body stay healthy!!!
2011 Having a trip with Mum and sisters, just the girls!!
2011 Be a better person inside and out!!

The thing is if you don’t take chances, you might miss out on the most incredible thing that will happen to you!! Keep trying my best and living it to the fullest \(^o^)/
Whatever it is, i know that only me have the ability to change my life!!

Happy New Year 2011


we've been thru the new year night
wishing it will be full of lights

and we're holding each other tight
but you're out of my sight

Maybe it sounds like a rhyme
But i didn't mean it, i just wanna kill the time

with a memo, camomille tea and the lime
just sit here
waiting for your sign