June 3, 2010


a few years ago, i can't stop watching Leonardo Di Caprio on 'The Beach'. yes!! i never get enuff for beaches. I always wondering if i can go there, see the beach and feel the sand.

Last week, me and my friends visited Phuket beach for 4 nights, it was quite a fun!! hmm let's say it was a sweetest escape in the middle of hectic week hehhee.
**serius ini bukannya ngabur, tapi bner2 dapet ijin cuti setelah sekian lama huhuuks

oke, since kita sok-sok-an mau jadi backpacker, here i tell u, kita gagal total jadi backpacker!! seada2nya, hmm read my story in this beautiful-nowhere-island:
1. when we're touched down the airport, i got free SIM card just to call mum and activate my
BIS, jadi jiwa eksis gw di social media tetep bisa tersalurkan dengan sempurna

2. first night, we went to Simon Cabaret, one of famous show in Phuket, ummm ladyb
oys show actually hehheh ;))
**tapi semua bencongnya sukses bikin gw minder *_*
at first Mr.Woody got missunderstood, he thinks he sud picks up us at patong instead of Phuket city so that we have to go to Patong beach by taxi, FYI, it takes 30 minutes to go to Phuket to Patong, it means we missed the 10 minutes opening show, but we got the first row :) - VVIP. Hahhaa that's cool :)

Thanks much Mr.Woody :)

3. day #2, we went to Phi Phi island, as i mentioned am dying to be there :) - and it sure feels like paradise (sotoooyy) - tapi serius,semuanya bagus banget, sayang aja rame banget sama turis :'( - but now i know why Mr leonardo Di Caprio didn't want to go back to Phuket, he loves Phi Phi hehheh.

It more like my imaginary lalaland, where the people are new and the water is blue :)
route that day : Phi Phi lai, Phi Phi Don for lunch, to bad we can spent time more longer just becos the Princess about to visit Phi Phi Don, and last stop was Khai island :)

inside of Phi Phi island :)

4. day #3, we did a city tour, drove by Musa our private tour guide. Hmm we knew each other becos he drove us to patong Beach on the first night, we got special tour from him hehhe, 1000baht full day :) - he's very kind
**kalo gak ketemu dia malem itu, gak tau deh hari ketiga mau kemana, ngapain, baca peta aja gak mudeng sampe berantem
See, we're such a d*mn lucky bitches hehheh
fist stop was Wat Chalong temple, Phuket most important Buddhist temple and the biggest and most ornate of Phuket's 29 Buddhist monasteries. Then the construction of The Giant Buddha of Phuket, then shopping and shoppping and again and again hahhaha, thanks to Musa :)
*Kaa pun kah*
**suwer sotoy pangkat 96419900

5. sunset time, Musa took us to the viewpoint for the sunset, hmm i fgot actually, Nai Ham Beach kalo gak salah hehhe - we plaaaay like crazy just to wait the beautiful sunset :)
**tapi kenyataannya sunsetnya gak dapet, kebanyakan maen kapan liat sunsetnya *_* - padahal itu tujuan ke pantai lagi, hadeeeehhh

Nai ham Beach, but missed the sunset :'(

hahha it surely a SUPER DUPER ULTRA PLEASANT HOLIDAY, and am dying to be there again and again :) - we went back to Jakarta in the early

btw, read other story from my crazy-friend-anda :)

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