February 3, 2010


This year,
am not wishing for another great year full of surprises, and birthday gifts.

Coz' another year is a happy gift :)

This year,
am thankful that my mumdad, brother and sister are still exist around me, gives me greetings, kisses, hugs and also love.

This year,
i don't ask for a boyfriend, i don't care. he's never exist on my birthday anyway.
So, i don't mind to thru this birthday :) nothing's change

This year
i've got a massive birthday gretings from social media, huhuuu am so touched, watta great number. Oooh this is why i love my family, friends, and people i only see around birthday :)

i just love them, trully, thanks :)

A birthday comes just once a year, so make birthday time extra special for those you care about.
Who loved you, and who care.

i feel like twenty fourever :)
thanks GOD for everything had happened in my life, that's just perfect.
How can i ask more than this!?

February 1, 2010


it's #2010newday - it sure feels good to be young again hahha :))))
btw,it's all captured by hardyan yuditya