January 2, 2010


2009 was a tough year!!
i was thru anykind of pain and joy, hmm but still i hav my family and friends around me *thanks GOD, pls keep it that way* - i know that shared joy is a double joy and shared sorrow is half a sorrow :) - so, i shared mine!!

lets re-cap 2009!!
2009 sit on the same chair, did the same job, met the same people everyday
2009 worst birthday ever, but the worst can be the best just because u realized sumthing details.
2009 got my heart into a pieces because of sumfamily, yes!! they're ruined my life, and i hav enuff for them. Thanks for makes me realized that what i want is not always what i need.
2009 waste my tears too much just for crappy things
2009 watching the person i love, engaged with sumone else, a stranger!!
2009 being SINGLE, whooooshah!!
2009 got my salary raised, yay!!
2009 decreased my weight untill 8 kilos, and get rice out of my every meal
2009 drunk yoghurts and vegetables
2009 got many new friends. New friends means new family!!

but i need no destroy the past. it will gone. So,
i dropped entire moment and began a new one, and i also have so many RESOLUTIONS in this year:
2010 stop smokin' (and also dr*nk)
2010 get my real SHAPE - iahiahiahihai this is my every year resolution, i need to decrease another 12 kilos, hopefully works!!
2010 STAY SINGLE!! cos i know, i wont be healed in a second
2010 stay healthy
2010 FINISH MY STUDY, owh i need to do this, immedietly
having my bestfriends still beside me
2010 travelling out of country with friends, hmm and its gonna happen!!its a must!!
get a new job, new salary :D
2010 find a new comfort zone!!
2010 make my mum stay smilin' - as simple as that :)
2010 say goodbye to broken heart, u're no longer a part of me *wave

hmm i hav a thousand lists, i can't list down in here huhuu :( - i'll try hard to make all those lists happen, like u!? Happy New Year, everyone \(^o^)/ - hava crazy year ....

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