November 20, 2009

i didnt write lately, not bcoz am dont hav sumthing to share, but hwoooouuh am working like crazy!! hmm lets say am a slave, its okay thats TRUE!! hmm actually am haunted by my study for couple days, yeah am not finished my study yet, while all my friends dressed up being a fashion doll to go to campus, am just spying them through facebook or sumthin. well, am not!! am stuck in the office and finished all my duties, yeah BORING!!

**i still need a resQ hereee, hwoooh
some of my friends told me that am too ambitious.

Hey!! am not!! really, i always envy for having a playtime like them, without thinking about any strategic thingy, I SWEAR!!
i feel like a dork...

and when i got boring, pls take a look at my screen!!

this the only way i stay connected with my friends, huhuu yeah, SAD!!


elfitra said...

windows macam mana ituu!! X'(

edwinatrianinda said...

macemnya windows kita tuh hehheh :)))