October 20, 2009


its finally our day after all. u're trying to smile, make a hard things look small, i know thats not really easy, but ure dying to try and show me the smiley. Thats alright, we get along just fine and forget the clicking time

ure heading back home tonight, through the dark and cold night, waste ur time at the trafiic light and wishing u can see me in the daylight. U never want to drive alone, u will love when im around

go ahead take ur time and find whats ure lookin for, then hold it out a little more, dont worry, i will stay on the ground, but i will be busy mending my own and i dont want to hear ur sorry about our perfect story

i will see u by tomorrow, and hiding my every sorrow, i wont counting the calendar row by row, its too useless for us, i know. Promise me u will clean the love trace, cos' i wont be there in the same place

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